Instagram Business Profile – Why You Should Use It

Instagram recently launched a new business tool for users. I am very sure lately on Instagram, you would have noticed the contact button on some profile and wondering how to get the call to action on your Instagram profile. Well, it is called Instagram Business Profile. Read our guide on Instagram business profile:

What are Instagram Business Profiles?

Business profiles are free and available to all users that want to be recognized as a business. Instagram created the profiles features specifically for businesses who have Facebook pages. To register for a business profile, you must meet some criteria which matches with the Facebook for Business criteria from which it pulls information thereby given you access to new features.

There is a contact button that appears at the top of your profile besides the follow button, when tapped, pulls up the options to call, send an email or get directions to your business.

If someone selects the Get Direction button, it shows your business located on a map. This makes it easy for your prospective customer to find your business address/location.

The business type that you’ve chosen on your Facebook page will be reflected under your Instagram name as a tagline. This makes it easy for your users to make decisions on how relevant your business is to them.

Why Should I Use Instagram Business Profile For My Business?

Insights: With a similar account insights to Facebook insights, you are sure to gain access to analytics showing you information about your followers, their activities (their time zone and peak time they use Instagram), engagement (accounts that liked/comments on posts), impressions (number of times your post has been seen), reach (number of accounts who saw your post), website clicks and other statistics.

Promotion: Instagram now allows you to promote posts the very same way you can promote posts on Facebook. Tap the Promote link, add a call to action and a URL. You have the ability to choose your target audience (their demography and location), your budget (how much you would like to spend), and the duration (how long you would like the post to run).

What Does It Mean For My Small Business?

Data has become a big differentiator today when it comes to marketing. Making informed decisions to achieve marketing goals require useful insights in order to deliver engaging experiences to the right people because marketing is about making your brand immediately useful to consumers.

Your overall content strategy can be guided by the metrics gotten from Instagram insights which further assists your business reaching her social media goals. The metrics can be used in deciding what content type and messages would be best for specific age brackets and gender. Imagine seeing a post’s performance over a period of time such as its impression, reach, engagement, you can serve your audience the right posts at the right time.

As a small business when you find a post that’s performing highly, you can convert it into an ad within the Instagram app. All you need to do is choose your desired audience based on demographic data (you can also get audience suggestions if you are unsure of your target audience) and the duration you want the ad to run for. You can also save your target audience profile so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch each time you want to create an ad.

How To Set Up Instagram Business Profile

The Instagram business profile features showcase your business in a professional manner by confirming that it is a valid business through the Facebook page, most importantly, giving your customers the ability to contact you at the click of a button. The call to action button could be a game changer, especially for freelancers who use Instagram as a blog and portfolio instead of having a website.

What do you think of the new changes? Will you be switching to a business profile? Have you switched to a business profile? Let’s know your thoughts

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